Whitby, Yorkshire

I don’t do bucket lists but I’ve always had a hankering to visit Whitby on the north Yorkshire coast. I don’t know if this urge stems from the town’s association with Captain James Cook or a desire to sample the fish & chips, but this weekend I finally achieved my ambition.

Whitby is where Captain James Cook trained as a seaman, working for a local shipping line transporting coal to London. From here Cook went on to join the Royal Navy and thereafter to embark on his famous and well documented voyages of discovery.

Whitby is a popular destination for day-trippers and holidaymakers and on this sunny weekend was teeming with people. Thousand upon thousand of them.  The streets were crammed, the trip boats were doing a roaring trade, the pubs were packed. Whitby was full.

We climbed up and down the 199 steps to the ruined Abbey and rewarded ourselves for the not inconsiderable effort with exceptionally good fish, chips and mushy peas at one of the many harbour side eateries.

I’m glad I’ve finally seen Whitby.