Water, water everywhere…

On our first three year cruising odyssey we carried 60 gallons of water in two tanks and a couple of jerry cans. We replenished supplies whenever we could from rainfall or dockside taps.

On a later cruise we started out with a reverse osmosis watermaker but abandoned it in face of the need for constant repair and maintenance. We met people who were happy with their watermakers but I simply couldn’t live with the demands of ours – it was back to rain collecting and the dockside tap.

Lugging 5 gallon jugs of water back to the boat in the dinghy gets old quickly and my fictional, ideal 40’ cruising boat about which I occasionally waffle on these pages will have water desalinating capability alongside a well thought out rain collecting system.

I’m hoping that technology will eventually provide a simple, low maintenance desalinating device and I’ve recently come across a possible breakthrough – the Desolenator (pictured)
Looks the bee’s knees.