Skippool Creek

Skippool Creek is a place of marshes and mud banks, shelducks and mallards, reed warblers and redshanks and it’s the home to an eclectic collection of boats.

Converted lifeboats, elegant wooden sloops, hardy little motorboats and modern, ocean going yachts cling to docks poking into the creek from its grassy banks.

To accommodate the huge tidal range in this area the docks are mounted on tall pilings fashioned from old telephone poles, scaffolding bars and wooden planks. Isambard Kingdom Brunel would be turning in his grave and Heath Robinson would be punching the air.
Where the bank is some distance from the road, low wooden walkways provide access across the marshy ground. At high tide the access road floods.

Skippool Creek feeds into the River Wyre which in turn flows into the sea at the port of Fleetwood on England’s northwest coast. The Blackpool & Fleetwood Yacht Club sits where the creek meets the river – it’s a thriving club with every sailing activity from dinghy racing to cruising rallies. It has an excellent social calendar, too.

On the marshy banks decrepit hulks sit cheek by jowl with shiny new boats; a graveyard and a nursery of nautical ambition.

Skippool Creek, fascinating.