Site makeover

Well, I hope our customers like the new-look shop. The website and this blog now have a family resemblance and colour coordination. Oooo!

We’ve added a new range of rigging blocks and other deck hardware and we’ve tried to make the site a little easier to navigate. 

We’ve stuck with our ‘all prices include shipping and VAT’ policy so there are no sneaky extras when you get to the check out. Many customers have told us they appreciate this approach.

Another aspect we haven’t changed is the plethora of technical information. If you’re buying on-line you need as much detail as possible to make an informed buying decision so, in this respect, more is better. 

And it’s much more fun to shop in a place that has entertaining and educational information together with the commercial bit – hence the articles and links section, including the link to this blog.

Click over there on the right to visit the new-look shop – hope you like it!