Someone has discovered that if you cover one eye, thus acquiring 2D vision in place of your normal 3D vision, you are less likely to get seasick.

This discovery comes on top of the discovery that if you wear one earplug you will, similarly, be less prone to the dreaded mal.

I see a trend. Half of your senses aren’t enough to convince your brain of the need to send the signal to the vomit reflex, which is what sea sickness is all about. Your brain doesn’t like to be told two different things by different sources – your eyes say one thing your ears another so your brain assumes you’re being poisoned and tells you to throw up, violently. But, it would appear, one ear or one eye aren’t convincing enough.

Why not be doubly sure? Put a patch over one eye and wear an earplug in one ear.  I’d love to test the efficacy of this plan myself but I don’t suffer regularly from the affliction. Have at it, you sufferers, it has to be worth a shot.