Return of the Tiller-Hand?

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been soliciting quotations for a new injection moulding tool for the Tiller-Hand, our popular tiller lock and controller. 

Some of my readers will remember that a couple of years ago our moulding tool was stolen and sold for scrap and, as a result, we decided to stop production of the Tiller-Hand. 

We offered the drawings, samples, know-how and stock of components to anyone who wanted to go into production, supplying the Tiller-Hand to the marine trade, including Salty John. There was a lot of initial interest but no serious contender emerged prepared to invest a few thousand in a new moulding tool. 

It seems a pity to let such a successful product die out so we’re looking at re-introducing it ourselves. If all goes well it should be back in the shop by Christmas. Watch this space.