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Here’s the flyer we send out to retailers to support the Metz Manta VHF antenna, when we’re wearing our Metz Europe hat.

VHF antennas are also used by AIS engines. You may see antennas described as AIS aerials (or antennas) and what this means is the VHF antenna is tuned to centre on the AIS frequencies, 161.9 and 162.0 MHz, rather than on the broader range of radio frequencies including the emergency channel, 156.8 MHz.

The Metz Manta covers 156 MHz to 163 MHz, so includes all radio and AIS channels. 

Metz offers an AIS optimised antenna for dedicated AIS applications.

I’ve been marketing this month. It was nearly seven years ago we introduced the Metz antenna to the UK and now we’ve been rewarded with the sole distributorship for the whole of Europe.

I’ve been sending out flyers and price lists to potential stockists so I’m hoping that you’ll soon be able to walk into a chandler near you and pick up your Metz Manta antenna, cable and connectors. Your VHF equipment installer can supply it also; just make sure you specify the Metz Manta.

Of course you can buy the Metz from Salty John and a few other on-line chandlers.

Speaking of chandlers, get down to the Southampton boat show and get yourself a signed copy of Hostage by Rachel and Paul Chandler. Neat segue, if I do say so myself! It’s their account of over 12 months in captivity at the hands of Somali pirates. We received our copy in the post yesterday and can’t wait to get stuck into it.

Paul and Rachel will be signing books at the Kelvin Hughes stand (J001) today and tomorrow. And if you can’t make the show get the book anyway, it promises to be a great read.

The Chandlers are refitting their Rival 38 Lynn Rival – which was recovered by a Royal Fleet Auxiliary vessel after the kidnap – at Noss Marina on the River Dart. You can follow their progress in Practical Boat Owner magazine.

I bet you can’t guess which antennas they’ll be installing for their VHF and AIS systems.