Last Post

I’ve decided this will be my last blog post.

I’m finding it increasingly difficult to generate fresh material to interest my boating audience. I suppose this is mainly because I don’t get out on the water as much as I used to. I can’t bring myself to just re-post YouTube links and I don’t want to become a bore regurgitating the same old stuff, so I’m bowing out now. I’ll leave the site active for a while so newcomers can browse the archives.

Site traffic has declined a bit recently but is still very good for a boating blog, more than 250 unique visitors a day, so a big thank you to my faithful followers!

The Salty John on-line boat business is in its thirteenth year and flourishing as a supplier of communication antenna systems, including the fantastic Metz antenna range. I’ll continue to devote my time to that enterprise for many years to come.

I wish you all fair winds!