Jet Stream Deflector

The UK weather may not be quite up to scratch right now – OK, it sucks – but the scientists at the Salty John secret laboratories have the answer. Earlier this month we launched our Jet Stream Deflector after many weeks of intensive, and highly successful, testing on volunteer boats.

As you can see from the sketch of the prototype, which changed very little as it developed into the pre-production model and eventually the production model, the technology is quite advanced. Techno-sculpting of medium gauge extruded zinc rod has created an inverted high level atmospheric repelling shield that, when applied in sufficient quantity, will force the jet stream into a more northerly orbit.

At this time we are just beginning to see the effects of the Jet Stream Deflector but as more are added to the masts of the UK sailing fleet the effect will become more noticeable and, we confidently predict, will result in a significant improvement in the weather over the British Isles in the next seven to ten days.

So, please go to the Salty John website and buy your Jet Stream Deflector at the government subsidised price of just £69.95.

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