Dinghy davit slings

The dinghy is an essential part of the cruising life but can be a challenge to stow. The best solution in my experience is a pair of davits.

A balanced connection between the davit falls and the dinghy is best accomplished with davit slings – usually one at the dinghy’s bow, one at the transom. 

On most cruising sail boats it’s desirable to have the dinghy hoisted as high as possible, with the stern slightly lower than the bow so that water can drain away. 

But how do you know what length of davit sling you need? They’re different for bow and stern. Well, the solution is a pair of adjustable davit slings. 

And if you don’t have davits, preferring instead to lift the dinghy on deck, davit slings provide the lifting point. You need davit slings.