Davit slings

Mounting the inflatable tender on davits is an ideal solution to the stowage challenge presented by these indispensables of the cruising life. 

A balanced connection between the davit falls and the dinghy is best achieved by davit slings – usually one at the dinghy’s bow, one at the transom. Each davit sling has a lifting ring and two webbing legs terminating in carbine hooks which attach to the lifting points in the dinghy. 

The lifting points are usually inside the bow tubes and on the transom board. Glue-on lifting rings are available from many inflatable dinghy outlets.

On most cruising sail boats it’s desirable to have the dinghy hoisted as high as possible. But how do you know what length of davit sling you need? And are they different for bow and stern? Well, the solution is a pair of adjustable davit slings like these from Salty John. Simple.