Cruising memories

My travels by small boat are recorded in 7 journals and my RYA log book. The log book received its first entry in 1981 when, young heart bursting with pride, I glued in my certificate for qualifying as a Day Skipper, or Dazed Kipper as it is popularly known.

In the log section, miles at sea are logged along with night hours and days on board. I’ve had to add many pages to the original publication (G15/78 from the RYA) and I do try to keep it up to date – last years pootle about Scotland’s west coast is in there.

The journals make interesting reading many years on:

The Good: “This place is as close as you are likely to get to heaven whilst still alive…….the palm trees are silhouetted against a golden sky and a spotted eagle ray glides under the boat in the gin clear water….

The Bad: “During the afternoon a wall of towering cumulus headed towards us from the N/NW. We saw two waterspouts in this black threatening mass…..the wind went NE, 30 knots and gusting…

The Bizarre: “….just outside Luperon the gua-gua stopped to pick up a policeman, a man with a broken arm, his wife and a mother with a small child, bringing the occupancy of this Mitsubishi 8-seater to a mind boggling 21, not counting the chicken….

The Bureaucratic: “…..he filled in the forms with a meticulous accuracy of which Bureaucratis himself would have approved….

The Humbling: “….we met Tony and his son who have a Westerly Centaur. They bought it in the USA, did a double transatlantic and were heading home to the Philippines via the Panama Canal”.

Ah, the memories!