Commercial break – rigging blocks

Allow me a little commercial break on behalf of Salty John, it may be of benefit to some of my readers:

Salty John doesn’t sell rigging blocks anymore – they take up a lot of room, you need a huge inventory, and they can hardly be called ‘uncommon cruising kit’. So, no more blocks.

The good news is there are some absolute bargains to be had as Salty John disposes of existing stock.

These are top quality reinforced ball bearing blocks made by Viadana of Italy. They are available in 34mm, 45mm and 57mm pulley diameters which take up to 8mm, 10mm and 12mm line respectively.

Prices are up to 50% off retail price, some below cost, so a definite bargain opportunity. They aren’t shown on the website, so:

Contact Salty John at for a list of available blocks and prices. First come, first served.