The Metz VHF antenna

To survive in the marine environment your VHF antenna needs to be strongly built of appropriate materials – look for stainless steel components, including both the body and the whip. How the antenna is built internally isn’t so obvious – you’ll need to rely on reputation and a good warranty. A marine VHF whip antenna …

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Antenna cable check

This time of year a post on how to check the integrity of a coaxial cable run is appropriate – masts are down, pre-launch checks are underway. When you use a multimeter to check that you have no short circuited connectors in your cable run you should be aware that the cable must be disconnected …

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Boat vhf antenna systems

Here are a couple of articles you may find informative when you’re designing or troubleshooting your boat’s vhf radio/AIS antenna systems: VHF antennas and their installation Troubleshooting your vhf antenna system They both highlight the importance of using good quality cable of the correct size, making good connections and using a top class antenna to …

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