Biggest production outboard motor

three-engines-300x200-4587175,Yesterday I went to the Fort Myers Boat Show. Apart from one Island Packet sail boat it was devoted entirely to new and used power boats of all descriptions. There were powered kayaks, pontoon boats, trawlers, sports boats, super yachts and general stinkpots of every stripe. There was also a full range of accessory and service vendors. An impressively large show in a lovely location.

I spotted several Yamaha 350 HP outboard motors, three attached to one boat in fact, which I found extraordinary – the biggest outboard motor I’ve ever owned was 6HP. I wondered if this was the most powerful production outboard available and was astonished to learn from the Yamaha representative that it isn’t. The biggest, unless you know better, is the Seven Marine 557. Yes, 557 horsepower! It’s based on a V8 engine normally found in cars such as the Cadillac CTS-V and weighs in at 500kg. As you can imagine it’s quite pricey, an eye-watering US$ 70,000.

So, if you’ve ever wondered how to get your 45’ heavy displacement sailboat up on the plane, this may be the solution.