Assisted living marina

Just imagine it: A collection of cruising boats, barnacle encrusted and moored to the bottom by weed, lie against floating pontoons. A crusty old mariner is being helped down the dock by a white-coated warden. The dock has safety railings and kick plates. A couple of inmates are taking advantage of the stair lift to carry them up to the hard-standing where their mobility scooters are parked.

In the clubhouse a nautical quiz is underway. They hold it every week, same questions, same answers, but no one seems to notice. Over in the corner a furious row is in progress – it involves anchoring and Colregs and ensign etiquette. 

Where is it? It’s the new National Health Service Warden Assisted Marina for elderly cruisers, of course!

I think I’ll book a berth before they’re full.