Another Kokomo

I see in the yachting press that an Austrian company has introduced the concept of a “sailing island” as the next big thing in luxury yachting. This bizarre, err, sail boat has been called Kokomo Ailand, you can read about it here:

Kokoko Ailand

I have no problem with people coming up with this sort of super-vessel to part the mega rich from some of their lucre, but hijacking the name Kokomo is a bit of a liberty. To me, Kokomo conjures up tantalising images of an idyllic tropical island lifestyle, with not a beach club, helipad, VIP suite or Jacuzzi in sight.

When we first arrived in the Florida Keys on Adriana, our 32’ sloop, the Beach Boys had just released their tune ‘Kokomo’ about a relaxing island paradise. The song certainly caught the imagination of our little band of adventurers and the concept of Kokomo was never far away as we each made our plans for heading ‘down island’ as soon as money and commitments would allow.

It was bit of a bubble-burster to eventually realise that the Beach Boys were not, in fact, accomplished surfer dudes, nor were they impoverished buskers eking out the means to fit out their little boats for blue water escape; they were too busy building a mega-million dollar phenomenon for that. More Kokomo Ailand than just plain Kokomo, I suspect.

Kokomo was the dream that drove us on to wonderful adventures in exotic places. We might not have found Kokomo, but many times we were damn close to it. And it didn’t look like Kokomo Ailand.