Month: March 2019

Last Post

I’ve decided this will be my last blog post. I’m finding it increasingly difficult to generate fresh material to interest my boating audience. I suppose this is mainly because I don’t get out on the water as much as I used to. I can’t bring myself to just re-post YouTube links and I don’t want …

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Bargain, Loos gauge model B

NOW SOLD OUT! Salty John doesn’t stock Loos rig tension gauges any more so they’re selling off their old stock on eBay. Here’s a Model B, 5mm, 6mm and 7mm, for half the price of some chandlers!


No, no, I’m not referring to activities in the book 50 Shades of Grey and nor do I mean forming meaningful relationships; I’m referring to the connecting together of your boat’s non-current carrying metal components to form a common ground for your DC electrical system. Bonding, that’s the word. The bits we’re talking about are …

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Apparent wind

Right, lets get back to basics – apparent wind, what’s that all about? The concept of apparent wind is largely unknown to non-sailors but if you sail a boat it’s a fundamental fact of life: apparent wind is what you sail in. Apparent wind is the wind you experience when the boat is moving – …

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Comments etc.

Have to turn off comments for a while – life’s too short to spend time deleting idiot spam comments. Back later, I hope, when the spammers move on. While I have your attention, remember Sailing Snippets is still available to download for FREE. You’re welcome. Here’s a picture of a fleet of racing boats:

Goings on

I notice a great many of you, over 300, have availed yourselves of the free book offer, I hope you all enjoyed it. If you haven’t downloaded your copy it’s still available and still free, help yourself. Just back from Houston, Texas, which is a huge sailing centre – not many people know that. We’re …

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