Month: August 2016

Across the pond

Tomorrow we take the silver bird across the pond to the USA. I’ll be reporting on sailing and boating in Florida, but first I’ll be reporting from the area with the third biggest concentration of boats in the USA: Galveston Bay, Texas. Salty John, the shop, will reopen on 23 May, by the way.

I’m a bilingual sailor

I’m bilingual; I speak fluent English and American. When I worked in the USA a colleague and I wrote an English/American dictionary and it was a surprisingly weighty tome. Once you get past the well known boot/trunk, queue/line, hood/bonnet translations there’s plenty more to go at: Catty-corner, for instance. It means diagonally opposite. You guys …

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Another Kokomo

I see in the yachting press that an Austrian company has introduced the concept of a “sailing island” as the next big thing in luxury yachting. This bizarre, err, sail boat has been called Kokomo Ailand, you can read about it here: Kokoko Ailand I have no problem with people coming up with this sort …

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Our new home

Well, here we are in our new-look home. All nice and white and clean. I hope you like it. We migrated from the old blog because, whilst it was hosted free by Google, we were restricted in what we could do. The archive of older posts has been transferred so you can browse through it …

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Someone has discovered that if you cover one eye, thus acquiring 2D vision in place of your normal 3D vision, you are less likely to get seasick. This discovery comes on top of the discovery that if you wear one earplug you will, similarly, be less prone to the dreaded mal. I see a trend. …

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