Month: July 2015

Balls of steel

Stainless steel ones, actually. Friction is the big enemy of multiple block systems so ball bearings are used to keep things moving freely – friction loss is kept below 3% as opposed to more than 10% per block with plain bearings. That’s really important for mainsheets and vangs. Some single block applications don’t require movement …

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Magnificent sunsets

Sunsets are awesome things on so many levels – they’re beautiful, romantic, inspiring – astronomical events of mind-boggling magnitude.  Sailors are particularly fortunate because we get to see the sun setting over the ocean even on eastern facing coasts, as long as we’re a few miles offshore. And ocean sunsets bring with them that extra …

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Bank effect

No, I don’t mean the destruction of the economy by irresponsible banking behaviour; I mean the interaction between the banks of a waterway and a vessel travelling through it. A vessel moving close to the bank of a river, a cut or a canal will find the stern tends to move towards the bank. This …

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