Month: October 2014

Skippool Creek

Skippool Creek is a place of marshes and mud banks, shelducks and mallards, reed warblers and redshanks and it’s the home to an eclectic collection of boats. Converted lifeboats, elegant wooden sloops, hardy little motorboats and modern, ocean going yachts cling to docks poking into the creek from its grassy banks. To accommodate the huge tidal …

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Somali pirates

I missed the movie Captain Phillips when it was first released last year but managed to see it just recently. It’s about the capture of a ship by Somali pirates and it prompted me to investigate how big the pirate problem remains in that part of the world. Well, it seems we have a EU …

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The people you meet

Full time cruising on a small boat is a wonderful pastime and it’s made particularly appealing by the people you meet. You might think there’d be a single demographic binding cruising folk but you’d be wrong. The motivation to go cruising might be common – freedom, adventure, nude deck-dancing – but the people that actually …

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